OEE Coach

Implement OEE & Improve OEE in 3 Steps

the successor to

OEE Toolkit 8

OEE Coach reveals:

Machines can perform radically better.

How to improve OEE in 3 Steps and turn effectiveness into profit?

1. Define Losses

You don’t find what you are not looking for.

How to set OEE definitions to visualize ALL losses, standardized on ANY machine?

2. Visualize Losses

Use OEE to fight the invisible enemy.

Collecting the right data in order to visualize  losses in the right way requires effective software!

3. Eliminate Losses

Instead of organizing problems, eliminate them forever.

OEE Coach shows the way to turn information into improvement, leading to a fabuluous ROI!

OEE Coach: the way to visualize losses

Imagine every resource going into the factory,

comes out in the product, or can be reused…

OEE Coach enables the drastic reduction of

energy, material and quality of life losses

in every factory. Yours too!

OEE in chemicals

Triple in Chemicals

300% output in a high performance industry within 2,5 years. An OEE business case in Chemicals.

OEE in pharma

Double in Pharma

200% capacity of a pharmaceutical packaging line while reducing cost?An OEE improvement case study. 

Datalyze Loge with currency

100k€ in your factory?

Is it possible to generate 100k € more in your factory? How can this be done? Find it out!

 We offer a 5 to 7 digit (€) improvement plan

with solid substantiation and no capital investment.

Let us do the math and show you how...

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