OEE Coach

Driving the Zero Emission Factory Challenge

Imagine every resource going into the factory,

comes out in the product, or can be fully reused…

OEE Coach enables drastic reduction of energymaterial– and quality of life losses in factories.

We provide tools and knowledge to grow towards Zero Losses and Zero Emission factories.

Losses make your production expensive, unreliable and weary. Our lives and our planet are too precious to waste! 

The hidden machine made visible with OEE coach

Visualize ALL Losses

You can hardly fight what you can’t see (or even don’t know it exists…).

OEE Coach Software visualises the losses at your equipment in a way shop floor people ánd support departments can eliminate them.

Zero Emission Factory TDK

Zero Emission Factories

Not adding value means: wasting time, energy, materials and happiness.

Nearly everything we use originates from factories. OEE Coach wants to reduce the waste in our factories and to add quality of life for our factory people. 

OEE COACH connected factory

Process Control

Quality, Safety, Capacity and Profit can not be gained directly. It is the result of running a smooth, loss-free operation.

OEE Coach shows the way to such an operation, enabling your teams to do what needs to be done based on facts and figures.

OEE Standard

OEE Standard Definitions

OEE Coach visualises the losses according to the OEE Industry Standard.

ALL equipment losses on all your equipment can become visible in a unified way. 

OEE Coach shows how.

OEE Academy

OEE Knowledge Education

Loss Free Processes means: Knowing what you do, knowing how to get there and knowing how to stay there: Making quality products (‘MonoZukuri) begins with making quality staff (‘HitzoZukuri’)

OEE Coach provides the knowledge needed to get there.

oee Institute logo

OEE Institute

Ambitious challenges require need strong cooperation.

OEE Coach provides a strong network of organisations and professionals to help you in many aspects of the Zero Emission Challenge.