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What are ACTIVITIES during a shift

You already defined all potential AKTIVITIES in the master-tabel activities, and added the relevant ones via the MAP to a machine.

You selected a shift while creating a new shift-registration. In the master data, you defined at what time this shift starts and how long it will last. The first added activity will automatically start at the start time of the shift. The next activity will start after the last one has ended.

Example: If the first activity started at 6:00 and lasted 65 min, the next one will start at 7:05.

Adding activities, the app will always make sure to match the time in a way the whole shift is registered for, so no time will be forgotten.

Different ‘modes’ for entering data

OEE Coach allows you to choose (per machine) the level of automation when entering OEE Data. In some situations you may want to simply copy data from a sheet of paper to the system.

In other situations you may choose for a fully- or partially automated data-collection.

Activity Panel in main screen

Each activity added will show you a similar panel.

The color identifies the type of activity;

  • [P]roduction: green
  • [W]aiting: orange
  • [F]ailure: red
  • [L]ine restraint: blue
  • [U]nscheduled: yellow

The following image shows a [W]aiting activity called ‘heating’ as example:

From: Shows at what time the activity started. When this is the first activity it will automatically be set to the start time of the shift. Otherwise, it will be the end time of the previous activity.

Duration: Shows how long the activity lasted. When you change its value, the end time of the activity will automatically be calculated.

Till: Shows at what time the activity ended. When you change its value, the duration of the activity will automatically be calculated.

Start Date: Shows at what date the activity started.

End Date: Shows at what date the activity ended.

Planned/Operators: Shows how many operators where supposed to perform this task and how many actually performed it. The number of planned operators is set in ‘M-A-P’.

Planned: Shows if the activity was planned or not. The default value for this field is set in ‘M-A-P’. It may be altered now. This feature allows you to make analyses on e.g. the amount of planned versus unplanned occurrences of an activity.Overdue: This is checked when this activity took longer than expected or it ended later than scheduled.

Entering Remarks

Every type of activity allows remarks. Later you may print reports showing all remarks made at certain categories; e.g. all remarks made at ‘Failures’ or [Pause].

Each remark will be time stamped: you will be able to see sequences of remarks.

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