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OEE is a measure of EFFECTIVENESS (Actual output versus theoretical output) and by definition does not measure EFFICIENCY (the amount of input needed for this output).

However OEE Coach provides means to follow important input parameters like the number of operators that were involved during the activities performed.

In the MAP (see How to use the MAP) it is possible to define the number of default planned operators that will normally perform a particular activity.

When selecting this activity during a shift, the system will copy this number and allows you to tell the actual number of operators involved.

Example: Normally production is done with 1 operator and a setup is done with 2.

When running 1 hr and setting up 10 min, the total amount of actual operator minutes (OP) is now the same as planned minutes (PO):  

  • 60 min x 1
  • 10 min x 2

If today the setup was performed by only 1 operator, this means we worked with less operator minutes:

60 min x 160 min x 1
10 min x 210 min x 1
→ total 80 minutes→ total 70 minutes

This means according to plan we worked with ( 70 ¸ 80 ) * 100 = 87,5% operators.

What is the advantage

When defining machine and activity usages in the MAP screen of the OEE Coach, the planned number of operators during each potential activity can be defined.

During the input of OEE data at each activity, the actual number of operators involved can be entered in case it was deviant from the planned.

Operators in the Summary Screen

In the Summary tab the actual labor minutes per shift are calculated and both the planned and actual number of operators are given. This information can be used for further analysis of actual versus planned manning of machines and activities.

This example shows that 1 operator was planned according to MAP.

  • During the shift 2 operators were actually involved. That means a crew of (1*2)*100=200%.  
  • The labor time is ( Duration * Crew ) = ( 480 * 200% ) = 960. This time is displayed in rounded minutes.
  • The Crew is displayed as a percentage.
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