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How to ADD OUTPUT to an activity

During activities of category [P]roduction, output is being generated.

This output can be of type:

  • [G]ood
  • [S]crap
  • [Reject]
  • [SS]ubspec The instructions below will assist you with entering output data regarding the number of units produced.

When is a machine ‘Running’

A machine is running when there is output,regardless its speed, quantity or quality.

How does it work

Only activities labeled as [P]roduction can store output. During all other activities, the machine is not operating and therefore not generating any output. For that reason, the software only allows you to enter output when the selected Activity is labeled as[P]roduction (Time marked as green).

This output can consist of [G]ood products, and rejected products, labeled as [S]crap, [R]ework or [SS]ubspec, because during production time the machine does not only produce good products, but also products out of spec; scrap, rework and 2nd Choice (subspec). When selecting an activity from the category [P], optional buttons will appear, to select the produced output during this activity.

Adding a product

  • After an activity of type [P] has been added/selected,  select one of the product categories. The first product should be a good product!
  • Products in this category will appear: Select the product you produced during this activity.
  • After selecting [P]roduction as the current activity, you will see this in main screen:
  • Now, to select the product press the ‘+’ button located under the [P]roduction activity, select [G]ood. All products connected to this machine will appear. Select the designated product and press ‘SELECT’ to confirm.

The following data should be edited now:


(Optional) Per product and production-run, a batch-number can be assigned

Set Speed

The default ‘Set Speed’ defined in the MAP will be visible here. Enter the speed the machine was actually being set to, while running this product. This will determine the way the minor losses will be calculated.


Enter the actual good products being produced.

For rejected products, enter additional output and enter the amounts produced.

Attention: The output-field can only be assessed directly when the Data Entry Mode for that machine is set to ‘Single Piece’


All output (Good & Reject) are displayed under the production-activity where it was produced:

SPEED settings

Actual SpeedSpeed the machine was (is) actually running
Theoretical SpeedTheoretical Maximum Speed: as set in MAP
Set SpeedSpeed that the machine was set to run
ExpectedProduction time x Set speed
Max OutputProduction time x Theoretical Max Speed

Shaded Fields

Shaded or blinking fields indicate that OEE Coach encountered an error that has to be corrected

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