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Analysis: ANDON

Provides an Andon overview of the overall performances of each machine in relation to the defined OEE upper and lower limits of all the machines for which OEE calculations were made.

 ‘Andon’ means literally ‘Signal’ or ‘Warning Light’.

Many machines are equipped with Andons that display the status of the installation. Looking along a row of machines with Andons, you instantly notice if there is a problem.

Andon lights at Nihon Kasetsu

The Chart (and Report) ‘Andon Chart/Report both have the same function: At a single glance you will obtain an overview of all machines: the color of the ‘Andon’ indicates whether the machine needs attention or not.

Andon Chart

The Andon Chart is a bar chart with the OEE values of each machine and Andon colors indicating the status of the machine. There is also an Andon Report: See report section.

The defined values in the columns Andon Red below % and Andon Green above % in the master table ‘Machines’ are used for the Andon system. In the column Andon Red below %  the lowest acceptable OEE value is entered. Above this value the Andon indicator is yellow, below this value, red. The default value is 40%. In the column Andon Green above %  the OEE objective is entered. Above this value the Andon indicator will turn green. The default value is 70%. The bar chart Andon Chart displays the OEE values achieved and the corresponding Andon colors of all the machines for which OEE calculations were made.

At a single glance, the report shows clearly how the machines are performing:

  • Green: the performance is good, the OEE is higher than the objective. Action required to maintain that level of performance;
  • Yellow: the OEE lies between acceptable values. Action: need for attention: How are we going to get that bar to turn green?;
  • Red: the effectiveness is below the acceptable level and implies the need for improvement. Action: start an improvement team (SGA) to analyze the losses and to find solutions for the root causes in order to eliminate the losses.

Quality Rate

In many OEE’s the quality loss is the smallest in percentage, yet it is the most expensive in money. If the quality rate is in the high nineties, this loss is easily neglected because it is virtually invisible. In the Andon graph it is now possible to identify even very small losses in Quality simply by displaying the value of the quality rate. 

Showing also Losses

Clicking the checkbox [Show Losses] adds the current availability-, Performance- and quality losses to the Andon Bar.

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