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(How) can I CHANGE an existing ACTIVITY- or Producttype?


The master table ACTIVITIES, contains all potential activities to which an activity type is assigned (P-W-F-L-U). The same applies to products where we can type a product as G-S-R-SS

Depending the type assigned to such a master activity (or product), the future calculations will be made in the correct way.


What happens when after a while, someone wants to change an activity type? lets say you defined Break as [U] and after two months of collecting data you want to change it from [U] to [W]? (Good idea btw….)

This would not only have an effect on ALL existing shift calculations that used this master setting [Break] but also on all future calculations.


In order to protect the user from corrupting existing data, OEE Coach shows a warning:


1. How to change Type for future calculations

To keep all current calculations as they are, and only have a new type for an activity in new calculations do the following:

  • In the master-table, duplicate the current activity/product
  • Assign it the new type (in this example from [U] to [W])

The master-table now contains a Break_1 [U] and a Break_2 [W]: [U] will be used for old calculations, [W] for the new ones.

This is settled in the MAP: Here you delete the old Break_1 [U], and add the new Break_2 [W].

From now on, the user that adds a new shift will no longer be able to choose [U] yet gets the [W] as new option.

2. How to change Type for future AND existing calculations

In the beginning of the configuration and use of OEE this might be a desired option. We now have to do some manual corrections retrospective.

  • First proceed as in the previous step.
  • Now, search for all those shifts that have the modified activity/product used.
  • Go to that shift, select the activity/product and change it (it can be selected since it is known in the MAP.

As soon as no more old activity/product is being used neither in shift-data nor in MAP, you can delete the old one (here Break_1 [U]) in the master-data.


You are free to change the name of the master since this does not affect the calculation.

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