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How to CHANGE SPEED in existing calculations RETROSPECTIVELY

It is possible to change the maximum speed values (the standard) retroactive.

It may happen your performance rate shows values over 100%,  in which case you obviously have chosen a standard too low. (which is quite common).

You just discovered one of the reasons why we keep stressing the need for defining the standard as the THEORETICAL possible maximum. So, define a maximum that even never might be achieved. If you allow the performance rate to grow over 100%, you might end up in very funny situations, like this;

A certain machine was having lots of breakdowns (availability 70%), the whole area was filled with rejected parts (quality 80%) and nevertheless it had an OEE of 90%…. due to a performance of 160%! Of course this is nonsense; will the team get the right focus on the losses?

OEE Coach saves the defined max speed value to every calculation. When changing the max speed due to i.e. a machine becoming modified, the former calculations are based upon the old max speed and the new calculations will be made based upon the new max speed.

To apply a new Standard (Theoretical Speed) or equivalent values, or NPC, retroactive to all the old calculations, go to:


Preferably no changes are required after you started to measure the OEE on a machine. However, to change-, add- or remove parameters you can use this option.

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