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How to CLOSE and LOCK a shift

OEE Coach, using normal shifts, assumes the shift registration is as long as the shift was planned to be (see: How to use SHIFTS)

The shift can not be closed if not all time has been accounted for.

At the end of the shift, the operator checks his shift-registration and as a token this has been done he ‘closes’ the shift:

How to CLOSE a shift

As soon as all the shift duration has been registered and the registration is considered to be correct at the end of the current shift, go back to the data-satellite dashboard:

Here we see the currently running shifts (in this case just one)

Select the shift to close and press [End Shift]

The system ask to confirm, press YES

The shift now disappears from the data-satellite’s dashboard. For the operator that’s it.

How to LOCK the shift

The teamleader might want to verify the registered data. He does that via OEE Coach [DATA] [VIEW DATA]

He selects which shifts he wants to see, verifies whether he sees no errors, open questions etc. and can now decide to lock the shift. This means nobody (unless authorized can alter the data anymore.

As you can see, the shift can not be removed when locked

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