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Before you start to configure the Shift Planner

Shift Planner uses OEE Coaches Master data for:

Make sure, all the individual SHIFTS, TEAMS and MACHINES you want to use in your Shift Plan are defined in OEE Coach.

Steps to configure a Shift Plan

In the main-screen just follow the 4 main options:

Step 0: In OEE Coach you already defined your shifts: e.g. Early, Late, Night including its duration and starttime.

  1. In Shift Planner you will start to define the generic shift patterns that will be used on your machines: e.g. [1 Shift], [2 Shift], [3 Shift]. A shift template can be assigned to any machine.
  2. Each machine can now be assigned a specific shift pattern. Machine A could run in a 3 Shift service while machine B is running in a 2 shifts service. With the machine and its potential shifts know, we also tell the Planner here which Teams might be available for this machine. This will now serve as a default template for our actual planning later.
  3. In step 3, we ‘stamp’ the default Machine-Shift-Team template into tha calendar; we now schedule the most likely to happen planning of which team will be in what shift at what machine and WHEN. Specific exceptions (bank holidays, team swaps etc.) are now being made to create the final plan as to be executed.
  4. To quickly view machine schedules, (shift plans in the calendar) we have the fourth option in the main screen.


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