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Configure Masterdata Sensor

  1. Go to [Master] [Sensor]:

2. Select the machine where this sensor should register. Only machines that are set for automatic mode in the machine-master screen will be available for sensors!

Add a sensor to detect Good product first.

3. Press [Add sensor for Good product]

  1. Enter the IP ADRESS of the module
  2. The SLAVE ID only needs to be changed when multiple modules are connected in a daisy-chain, using the same IP
  3. The SOURCE is the register of the Input channel where the sensor is.
    • DI00 = 16
    • DI01 = 18
    • DI02 = 20
    • DI03 = 22
    • DI04 = 24
    • DI05 = 26
    • DI06 = 28
    • DI07 = 30
  4. The ‘maximum value’ is the value where your module starts counting at 0 again; normally this does not need to be changed.
  5. The multiplier is the amount of product that should be counted per pulse
    • 1 puls is 1 bottle: set to 1
    • 1 puls is 6 bottles: set to 6
  6. Press save when done
  7. Test your configuration:
  8. The sensor should be detected and you should see the read value, identifying the sensor is counting correctly.

Add a sensor to detect Scrap product (when applicable)

  1. Scrap and rework can be detected and is related to a good product. So after you defined the GOOD sensor, now press the ‘add reject sensor button: 
  2. Enter the settings: If this sensor gives a puls; how should that be qualified? E.g. a sensor at a checkweigher detects SCRAP.
    • Now select the scrap-type where the puls should be counted for
    •  Tell us at what digital Input this sensor is connected; DI03 = 22
  3. When there are more reject-sensors; repeat the steps for each sensor.

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