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Configure Masterdata Sensor

  1. Go to [Master] [Sensor]:

2. Select the machine where this sensor should register. Only machines that are set for automatic mode in the machine-master screen will be available for sensors!

Add a sensor to detect Good product first.

3. Press [Add sensor for Good product]

  1. Enter the IP ADRESS of the module
  2. The SLAVE ID only needs to be changed when multiple modules are connected in a daisy-chain, using the same IP
  3. The SOURCE is the register of the Input channel where the sensor is.
    • DI00 = 16
    • DI01 = 18
    • DI02 = 20
    • DI03 = 22
    • DI04 = 24
    • DI05 = 26
    • DI06 = 28
    • DI07 = 30
  4. The ‘maximum value’ is the value where your module starts counting at 0 again; normally this does not need to be changed.
  5. The multiplier is the amount of product that should be counted per pulse
    • 1 puls is 1 bottle: set to 1
    • 1 puls is 6 bottles: set to 6
  6. Press save when done
  7. Test your configuration:
  8. The sensor should be detected and you should see the read value, identifying the sensor is counting correctly.

Add a sensor to detect Scrap product (when applicable)

  1. Scrap and rework can be detected and is related to a good product. So after you defined the GOOD sensor, now press the ‘add reject sensor button: 
  2. Enter the settings: If this sensor gives a puls; how should that be qualified? E.g. a sensor at a checkweigher detects SCRAP.
    • Now select the scrap-type where the puls should be counted for
  • Tell us at what digital Input this sensor is connected; DI03 = 22

3. When there are more reject-sensors; repeat the steps for each sensor.

Define default activity- and product names

When a sensor starts to give pulses, the count of these pulses needs to be stored with a [G]ood product during a [P]roduction activity. So what happens when the current activity is [Pause] (a [W]aiting activity?)

Default (dummy) product

OEE Coach now automatically stops the [Pause] activity and starts the Production activity that goes along with the product you assigned in the sensor configuration masterdata screen.

When there is just one product running on the machine, put this one here as the default. In other cases, make a dummy product in the product master table, add it to the machine in the MAP end select it here.

By choosing a meaningful name, it is clear that this dummy product needs to be changed later to identify the actual product that was produced. (E.g. ‘give the correct productname’)

Default (Dummy) [W]aiting activity

When there is no more sensor signal detected, after the given ‘short Idle threshold’ (often 1 minute) an activity with the Short Idle label is added.

After 1 minute, the Short Idle activity will be added

So in the example above, after 1 minute inactivity the short-idle activity is added.

When the machine remains idling, after 3 minutes (the ‘Waiting threshold’ is passed) the idle activity is replaced by the default waiting activity;

After 3 minutes, the ‘Give Stop Reason activity will be added

It is NOT possible to give any Idle activity when the machine is running.

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