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Configuring database connection

Database Tool

After OEE Coach has been successfully installed, in order to run it, you will need a running instance of SQL Server (v2008 or later), locally or available through any network resource. If no SQL server is available, please install it before running the OEE Coach.

When running the OEE Coach for the first time, it will prompt you to configure the database connection. This means that it will automatically try to start the Connection Setup application, where you can provide information to connect to existing SQL Server instance. (Make sure to select the Database Tool checkbox while running setup at first PC!)

If a database needs to be created, the Database Tool application should be started. This application allows you to create an empty OEE Coach database, and optionally import data.

To connect the database on further clients, we supply a Connection Setup Tool:

Database Connection Setup

Connection Setup Tool

Connecting a database to a new installed OEE Coach on a client, the databasetool can be used. However, since you may not want to grant common users access to such tools, we provide a simple connectiontool that basically just provides the connection functionality of the database-tool.

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