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How to define Groups/Lines of machines

What is a ‘machine’?

A ‘machine’ in terms of OEE is the entity where OEE calculations are made. Physically you may measure a whole production-line, and still consider it to be one entity; we will now call such a line a ‘Machine’ since we do not distinguish its different components.

What is a ‘Line’?

Several machines can be placed in a production line. Such machines work together to create a flow of value-creating steps. Usually such machines are inter-connected by e.g. conveyor belts.

In a line, the individual machines heavily influence each other’s effectiveness. It is here where you will apply the [L]ine restraint activity, to determine whether a loss was caused on the measured component (machine) of the line, or whether it was caused by a problem down- or upstream in the line.

What is a ‘Group’?

A ‘group’ is a group machines that somehow belong together, but are not influencing each other’s effectiveness. It can be a Cell or Department, or a group machines that do the same job in parallel.

Machines – Lines – Groups

  • Select [MASTER]

Here you will define the “masterlist” of groups and/or Lines.

  • When changing a group-name here, it will be changed anywhere it was used in your OEE calculations.
  • A ‘machine’ in terms of OEE is the entity where OEE calculations are made.
  • One or more machines can form a Line ( or Group) or a sub-line.
  • One or more sub-lines can form a line.
  • It is possible to make sub-sub lines etc.

Select [ADD GROUP] for a new ‘main level’: This could be a faktory, a department of a line

Select [ADD SUB-GROUP] to create a group within a group

Drag and drop machines from the machines list at the left to the group you want to assign them to.

Use right mouse button the set properties to the (sub)group or machine.

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