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Help Desk and Upgrades

Your license goes with support!

  • You use OEE as an important indicator and tool for the improvement processes of your production, such as TPM and WCM,
  • You want to make sure that you will receive answers to all your OEE-related questions
  • You want to make sure that you will be able to use the advantages of new software features
  • You want to make sure that you will find assistance with defining the OEE parameters for your process
  • You want to discover the experiences of other OEE users
  • You want to work with the latest updated version of the OEE Coach
  • You want to keep yourself abreast of the latest OEE Coach features….
  • This is why you pay an annual fee.
  • Use our Service Centre via our site to gain access to our support!

What is in it for you?

  • When you sign up for the OEE maintenance support you will receive:
  • Access to information with the latest knowledge regarding the implementation of OEE;
  • Answers to questions via e-mail or portal;
  • Access to updates (Service Packs) of the OEE Coach;


The following conditions apply to this service:

  1. You pose the questions by using our service portal
  2. Questions are clear and comprehensible and written in Dutch, German, or English. If necessary, they are accompanied by screen prints.
  3. Only one e-mail address per registration.
  4. You will receive answers in the form of (a link to) an English-language knowledge platform. Your questions will be rephrased in general terms and the answer may e used to facilitate all other participants.
  5. We do not mention any company names or trademarks in our OEE Coach FAQ’s. It is, however, possible that a production process, piece of equipment, or product will be mentioned in these articles.
  6. We will answer each OEE- or OEE Coach-related question to the best of our ability. Since the formulation of the best answer may take some time we do not issue a guaranteed response time.
  7. Participation fees are based on the gross price of your OEE Coach listed in our catalog.

To ask for support always use your customer-portal

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