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How are Calculations made; Examples

In this chapter you will see several examples how OEE Coach approaches and calculates different situations:

1-10Examples with a single production run and a single good product in the run
11-Examples with a single production run and parallel output (more than one good product in one run)
30-Examples with two production runs, each producing parallel output and multiple non-production activities  

How to use the examples

In the following sections, examples of increasing complexity are described

The examples are explained based on the same master-data of one machine and two different products.

The start situation is given, the way the data is entered in the main screen and the main-screen is explained. In complex situations, also the calculation is explained.


  • The formulas used to explain how the values are retrieved, are NOT the actual formulas as used in the software!
  • We provide these examples only to let you understand the mechanism of the calculation.
  • The actual formulas are more complex to provide a higher accuracy in certain situations where small deviations might have occurred otherwise.
  • Do not try to use the explanation formulas to create your own BI tools etc. unless you are accepting results that might be slightly deviant from the results in OEE Coach.
  • Values may be rounded.

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