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How to connect an ANDON POLE

When using standard I/O modules, there are 8 Digital Output channels available that can be used to switch colored lights on or of, depending the activity currently being registered.

How does it work?

OEE Coach can switch the Digital Output ports of the I/O module on or off, depending the status of the machine. Colored lights can now visually show the status of the machine. Also beepers or other devices can be switched on or of in this way.

Operator Screen as Andon

In the operator screen, the color of the main part of the screen already lights up in the standard colors:

  1. [P] = Green
  2. [W] = Orange
  3. [F] = Red
  4. [L] = Blue
  5. [U] = Yellow

This means, the data-entry screen already has the function of an ‘andon’.

Visual signal at the machine

It is not always possible to observe the operator screen from all places. When the screen is not enough visible, an Andon Pole (‘Stack Light’) can be mounted e.g. on top of the machine:

Stack light - Wikipedia

When there is a [P]roduction activity being registered, the green light will burn, etc.

In Semi- and Automatic mode

The andon functionality is available in any-mode; however it makes only sense in semi- and automatic mode, since they are being used ‘live’.

Digital Out settings

OEE Coach will switch Digital Out ports 0-7 as follows:

  • DO0: The machine is not running (Always ON unless DO1 is ON)
  • DO1: ON when Activity = [P] – The machine is running – Green light ON
  • DO2: ON when Activity = [W] – The machine is waiting – Orange light ON
  • DO2: ON when Activity = [F] – The machine is broken down – Red light ON
  • DO2: ON when Activity = [L] – Input- or output buffer full – Blue light ON
  • DO2: ON when Activity = [U] – The machine is un-scheduled – Yellow light ON

Since the ET7XXX boxes already have a 24V power supply, it is most convenient to use this power source to feed the lights

Stacked Light Example

Currently, cheap stacked lights are available, using low current 24V LED lights.

Example of a cheap 24v LED Stacked light


Only licensed technicians should install hardware at the machine. Make sure all local regulations are being followed when doing so.

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