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How to handle a run where only scrap is produced

It can happen that during a production run, only scrap is produced. How can this be registered?

Problem: How to determine Max Speed

At first glance it would make sense just to register the scrap-product, however, the OEE Coach cannot calculate a performance rate, if it does not know what the Standard (maximum speed) is in order to determine the theoretical output.

Remember; Scrap does not have a Standard (theoretical maximum speed) for itselves; it takes the standard form the Good Product it should have been. Therefore the OEE Coach first determines which product should have been produced. With this information, it determines the Standard.

The Solution

What you should register is this: ‘I made zero good products L2 and 400 pieces of scrap products L2 (scratched).‘ Correctly entered in the OEE Coach, it looks like this:

Now it becomes clear that you produced 100% scrap product (thus Quality rate 0%) at a performance rate of 33%.

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