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How to register a shift

In OEE Coach, the OEE registration screen contains all data for a single calculation (usually a shift) and is therefore the heart of the application. This screen can be opened by choosing ‘Collect data’ or ‘View data’ in the main menu.

In ‘Collect Data’, you can collect data from a new shift.

In ‘View Data’, you can browse through OEE data of previous shifts. This way, it is possible to view data from previous or other shifts, while (automatically) collecting data of the current shift.

The data entry screen

The screen is designed to be used as a ‘Touch-screen view’. It is build for optimal comfort to operators entering OEE data.

Creating an OEE Calculation of a shift

An OEE calculation exists of a sequence of activities during which output might be produced. Typically, such a cycle has the duration of one shift, so each shift is making its own OEE calculation.

In some exceptional situations, the calculation might be made over a longer period than a regular shift time (normally around 8 hours). This occurs when producing products with a (very) long cycle (brewing beer or baking bricks).

Whenever we talk about a ‘cycle’ we mean: the smallest timeframe where we calculate OEE. Usually this goes along with one ‘shift’.  

The system can report- and analyze across cross-sections of multiple calculations, based on several criteria (i.e. per time-window, shift, machine, team etc.).

How to start a new calculation?

In a regular situation, each shift will create a new calculation:

  • Start OEE Coach,
  • Select [Data] in the main-menu,
  • Press [Collect data]
  • Press [New shift].
  • A new dialog comes up.
  • You can now enter details of this new shift by using the buttons in the new dialog. A new calculation is started.
Starting a new Shift/Calculation

Selecting an active shift

An operator might operate and register multiple shifts. After adding a new shift, it is placed on the operator panel. Here the operator decides which machine he want to collect data from.

In our example, just one machine is being registered:

  • Select the machine and [go to shift]
  • Now, the first ‘activity’ of the shift can be registered.


How to add an activity

How to add products to an activity

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