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What is an ORDER number

Order nummers are used to tie a (series of) production run(s) to the production-administrative system .e.g ERP system. The order number is primarily a handler for logistic systems, however it can be perfectly used for traceability reasons.

How does it behave?

An ordernumber is (normally) entered with a production activity or with the preceding setup-activity.

After adding a new activity, an order number can be added to this activity. The order number is not validated and free text.

Since production runs may be interrupted by breaks or failures of the machine, the next activity in the production run will -by default- have the same order number attached, so the operator does not need to retype it.

Using the order number for traceability

Interrupting a running machine can have all kind of undesired effects. In cases of quality defects in a certain order, it might be useful to see what interruptions occurred during that order. Also it might show ho certain products cause certain [failures].

This is why the order number is automatically copied to any next activity. In that way, e.g. [F]ailure or [W]aiting interruptions will be tied to the production-run.

When the operator enters the order number already with the setup-activity before the production-run, this setup wil become part of the order.

What if the order continues in the next shift?

The operator needs to enter the order number in first production run in a new shift. In this way, unintentional assigning an ‘old’ order number to a new production run is prevented.

What is a BATCH number

Batch numbers are mainly used for traceability reasons and are connected with a PRODUCT (Also see: ADDING OUTPUT to an activity)

The batch number is used to identify products from one [P]roduction batch and another. A production order might consist of multiple batches.

How does it behave?

Every [G]ood product produced during a [P]roduction activity can be given a batch number.

Rejected products automatically get the batch number of the good product where it was originating from.

OEE Coach assigns automatically a batch number to each instance of a [G]ood product produced in a [P]roduction run and copies that number to e.g. [S]crap that comes along in that run.


When order 123 is produced in a production run that was interrupted twice by a [F]ailure, there will be three [P] activities and two [F] activities.
In the three [P] activities, the same product will have been produced; these are 3 batches within one order.
These batches will now have the following numbers:
When batch 123-3 also contains rejects, these rejects will also belong to batch number 123-3
So by default, a batch number consists of the order number where it was produced, followed by the sequence of the [P]roduction order when it was produced.

Currently, OEE Coach uses the batch number as a reference only; however it is easy to trace by the search-option.

Finding batch- and order numbers

Batch- and order numbers numbers can be searched and filtered upon:

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