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How to use ‘TEAMS’

A team is a group of people operating a machine during a shift. Teams can be scheduled through different shifts. Example: Team John can operate in the early, late and night shift, depending on the production schedule. Here you will define the “masterlist” of Teams. When changing a team-name here, it will be changed anywhere it was used in your OEE calculations.

How does it work

If teams work in shifts or rotate from one machine to another, the names of those teams can be recorded. With this information the effectiveness of teams can be analyzed. This helps to discover whether there are some teams that, for example, need additional support or training or whether there are some teams that have developed a very effective way of working (that we, in turn, would want to show to all teams!).

How to configure a team

  • Select [MASTER]
  • Select [TEAMS]
  • Select or add a team


  • team-code (used in charts)
  • team-name
  • ERP number to identify the team in other software team-captain (spokesman of the team)
  • Average cost per team member
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