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In OEE coach scrap, rework and sub spec products can be entered. OEE Coach provides several analysis screens and reports to analyze defects. Sometimes, one would like to have more analysis options for defects analysis. These options are available in the DataLyzer SPC module. In this document we show how the 2 systems will be integrated in the future and what the results would look like.

Linking OEE to DataLyzer attribute chart

To analyze data in SPC there are 2 things of importance:

  1. We want to add product information to analyze in DataLyzer.
  2. We need product information added in OEE Coach to make mapping possible

The first option can be easily realized during data import. While importing we can make use of lookup parameters in.

The second option will be more complicated. If the control chart in dataLyzer needs ot be based on technology  (product attributes) this information needs ot be added to the M-A-P table. For bnow we are not going to add that.

In OEE scrap can be defined as a product of category scrap.

If you right click on a product in the M-A-P table you can add product info

In a next screen you see a table with titles of fields and content.

In DataLyzer SPC we can record all defects codes and we can add optional parameters. An example is given in figure below:

How data is organized in SPC depends on the process/product characteristics and analysis requirements.

There are multiple ways to convert data from OEE to SPC:

  • Defect chart per machine
  • Defect chart per machine group
  • Defect chart per machine and product
  • Defect chart per machine and product group

In most cases the defect chart will show defects per machine and as optional parameters:

  • Operator, shift, team
  • Speed
  • Product
  • Ordernumber
  • Lookup parameters in DataLyzer


Data can be exported for a full production run or for a short time interval eg every 10 minutes. If defects are counted automatically we need to establish the interval in which data will be written to DataLyzer SPC.

Below some examples of resulting analysis


The chart shows the defect percentage

During analysis we can now analyze all kind of cross sections

EG Line Break

Line 33 has higher level of linebreak

Big differences between production runs for same product. Typically Line 33 has more breaks

Defect rate per week subdivides by machine

Defect rate line break depending on length