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What are the 3 Modes of registration

In [Master] [Machines] you select (per machine) the level of automated behavior while collecting data for a certain machine:

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automated

1 – Manual Mode

Use this mode when manually entering all activities retrospective e.g. when using paper registration forms

  • You will have to tell the system in sequence of occurrence what happened (which activities) and what came out (which good or rejected products).
  • You will need to enter durations and quantities manually: No timer will be started.
  • The system will take care the activities will for a closed time-line. In other words: it will try to prevent time to be forgotten.

2 – Semi-Automatic (Default mode)

This mode is used to automatically register elapsed time, allowing the operator to modify the actual start time or duration, since he may not always be able to select the activity at the moment it actually started (i.e. he was still busy operating the machine,  causing a delay in the moment of registration.)

After adding a new activity in a shift where the date and time are at the current moment:

  • After 60 seconds, the timer will calculate the elapsed time since the last entered activity unless the duration is entered manually.
  • An indicator blinks to identify the timer is counting.
  • The system will keep counting time until you enter a new activity.
  • Output has to be entered manually.

3 – Automatic mode

This mode applies when a sensor in automatic and/or unmanned mode is automatically triggering the activity. Automatically collected data can be modified retrospective whenever needed

During a shift with date- and time in the current moment, activities will automatically be added, based on the settings in [Default M-A-P], (see menu [Master]) depending on the signal received from a sensor.

  • Activities are started by sensors
  • The timer starts immediately after an activity has been added. This assumes the start time of the new activity, and thus the duration of the previous one, was correct and needs no manual correction.
  • output is counted based on sensor pulses

generated activities may need to be corrected by operator.

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