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How to MODIFY Activity Data

After adding an activity, the start-time has been set and the duration has been entered; manually or by timer. Additional data can be added and the stored data can be modified. This is how it works.

Change Duration

The duration of an activity can be changed. Changing this might result in changing values for the next activity.

Change Start Time

The starting time of the activity can be changed. Changing this will also change the duration.

Change End Time

The end time of the activity can be changed with this button. Changing this will also change the duration.

Change Operators

The number of operators involved in this activity can be changed if it differs from the planned number.

Change Activity

Use this button to change the activity if e.g. you have chosen a wrong activity. Changing this might result in a change in the calculation, depending on the category.

Delete Activity

The activity will be deleted from the timeline. This will result in the next activity shifting to the start time of the deleted activity.

Split Activity

You can split the duration of an activity by using this button. Select the time to be split and whether the ‘new’ activity should be added before or after that time. A slidebar will help you choose the correct time. After you set the right time, you can select the designated activity. The timeline will be modified accordingly.

[X] Planned

The default value for ‘planned’ will be copied from the Machine-Activity-Product (M-A-P) screen. It may be altered now.

Example: Normally a setup is a planned activity, but this time it is unplanned due to the lack of raw-material.

Why is this?

This feature allows you to make analyses on e.g. the amount of planned versus unplanned setups. To use this feature you need to tick the planned column for that activity in ‘M-A-P’

[X] Overdue

The button ‘Overdue’ is ON when this activity took longer than expected or it ended later than scheduled. It was not within the foreseen time frame’

To use this feature you need to set a time for that activity in ‘M-A-P’


The left value (Planned number of Operators) indicates the default number of operators (as defined in the screen Machine-Activity-Product …column Default Operators). The value on the right shows the actual number of operators.

If Planned Operators (Planned) deviates from the actual number of operators (Operators) involved in this activity, change the number by using the CHANGE OPERATORS button

Note: You cannot make changes in the PLANNED column. This is done in the ‘M-A-P’

Add Remark

Per activity and per output, it is possible to write notes in the logbook.

Each remark added will have a timestamp. A remark can be used to e.g. elaborate on an activity.

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