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How to move OEE Coach Database to another SQL server

If you would like to move the database from our OEE Coach server to a local on premise installation, you need to take the following steps:

1. Restore Database

  • We make a backup of the database and will send you a download link
  • Copy the backup to your local system
  • Restore the database using restore option in SQL management studio

2. Create a login user for OEE

3. Make the user DBO to the database

4. Go to your database and make the user owner of the schema

5. Go to program files(x86)\OEECoach and start connection setup.exe

  • In the screen enter all information
  • Press [Check and Save]
  • All info should be stored in the file OEECoach.xml in the directory c:\programdata\oeecoach\ For other users you can copy this file instead of running connection-setup.

6. Now you should be able to run OEE Coach and login with user Admin and empty password.

7. Because it is a new database you need to get a license file. So go to system, register and enter company information and generate the key.

Send this key to license@oee.coach and we will send you a license file.

8. Install Licensefile

After you receive the license file:

  • go back to this same screen
  • select the license file in the bottom
  • click register

The software should be ready for use now

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