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OEE as a system for failure logging

It may seem attractive to create a system for registering machine failures that allocates specific machine parts to specific failures. You would be overshooting the mark by doing so, and the OEE would then become a failure registration system rather than a general effectiveness measurement.

Define the failures according to process parts where they occur. If it appears that a certain part of the production process (e.g. the palletizer) turns out to be the largest source of machine failures, you can start up an SGA (Small Group Activity. A structured approach to eliminate losses. Kaizen Activity.). Then you can decide to use a temporary registration list to analyze the occurring failures in more detail and subsequently look for the root causes and eliminate them.

In this way the machine will become more and more reliable without having to do an excessive amount of endless registrations, which are not followed up with actions. This operating procedure may not be so sexy, but extremely effective! In some cases, the number of registrations is very high and the information is not readily available at the operator. This can be a large number of technical failures due to hundreds of different sensors or a huge number of small stoppages caused by different sensors. In this case it is possible to collect this data using the related SPC system. 

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