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The OEE Calculation

While entering your shift-data, the OEE for that shift will gradually evolve until the shift is fully entered. Since OEE Coach takes the shift-duration as the 100% mark, the OEE will gradually become higher, assuming there is good output.

Showing Results

The OEE calculation screen shows the results of the OEE calculation for the given date, machine, shift, and team in 5 different screen tabs:

Activity tab

The Activity tab shows all the single activities that occurred in a timeline. Tick a box in the upper timeline part. This will show you in depth information about that particular activity.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab will show you the OEE calculation based on the information in the Activities tab.

Graphs Tab

The Graphs tab shows a pareto bar chart and a loss pie chart based on the information in the Activities tab.

When the colors are shaded there are still validation errors.

Remarks Tab

The Remarks tab shows all remarks that were entered in the Activities tab.

Remarks Report

From the Reports menu select the ‘REMARK’ button to generate reports around the registered remarks. Here you may filter and compose a remark report in any way you need. (See [Reports] for more information on reporting).

Validation Errors Tab

The Validation Error tab show all issues that did not pass OEE Coach’s plausibility checks. These errors need to be solved in order to get a true OEE calculation. Pressing the white-in-blue arrow will take you to the place of the error and gives you the opportunity to correct it.

The Red-colored items show you where to go and correct the detected error:

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