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To understand the difference between [Waiting] and [Minor Stop], read the definitions in the OEE Industry Standard first!

How can Stopps be identified

When (Minor) Stopps occur, such stopps can be assigned in three ways:

  1. When it is longer as a certain threshold; the stop can be identified by assigning an activity to it and take it into the availability losses.
  2. When it is shorter than this threshold; Treat the stopp as a performances loss by assigning it to the minor stopps. Classically this is the difference between the set speed and actual speed. This is described in the OEE Industry Standard
  3. OEE Coach has a third way to identify short stops as a group, not identifying them individually yet show them as a group in one availability ‘activity’.

How does OEE Coach does this

In the [Master] [Sensors] settings, you may define two intervals (thresholds):

  1. The threshold for for ‘short stops’
  2. The threshold for ‘Waiting’ time

Real Waiting Time

When no pulses are detected for longer than the ‘Waiting’ threshold (here 3 min), the machine is considered to be down and the operator needs to identify the reason by choosing a waiting-activity. Since the operator will not do this immediately, this time will be stored in a ‘dummy activity’ as you define under ‘Dummy Waiting’

Short Stopps (in availability)

When no pulses are detected between the ‘short stop’and ‘waiting’ threshold (here between 1 and 3 min), this sop is added to the Short Idle activity, as defined in the top left of the Sensor screen.

Minor Stopps (in Performance)

When no pulses are detected for a period shorter then the ‘Short Idle’ threshold, such stopps are considered to be a performance loss and will not show up in the availability. However, since they decrease the output, we can see them in the difference what would be expected to be produced at set speed and what was actually being produced. This is the way OEE Coach determines (calculates) minor stopps!

How to set thresholds for Minor-, Short and Normal stopps

The above mentioned thresholds and automatically assigned activities can be configured in [Master Data] [Sensors]

See also: How to calculate ‘Performance’

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