OEE Coach Software Help
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USER-interactive INSTALLATION process

Welcome screen
After user started OEE Coach Setup, a Welcome screen is displayed to user, where user can select the language and click on [Next] button to continue.

License Screen
In the next step the license files need to be accepted before continuing with the Setup Wizard. User is presented with OEE Coach license agreement, and optionally with Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5 license agreement, if it is not present on system and needs to be installed.

Before proceeding to next setup, user is required to accept both license agreements:

Install Options screen
In next step following OEE Coach install options are displayed.

  • Install location: a folder where OEE Coach software will be installed. By default software will be installed in Program Files, under OEE Coach folder.
  • Base software: installs software to collect and analyze OEE data. This option is always installed, and cannot be changed.
  • Database tools: installs application to create database, update database to new version, import data from different products, etc. By default, Database tools will not be installed. (to be used by admin only!)
  • Connection Setup: Equals Database Tool, but only allows to connect database on local PC to a database.
  • Language tools: installs application to modify localized text in OEE Coach software. By default, Language tools will not be installed.
  • Sensor Simulation Tools: Software to simulate input sensors
  • Report mailer: Installs service to automattically send reports to users.

After you have selected the options you wish to install, click on [Install] button to start the installation process.

Processing installation screen
If the current system user does not have elevated privileges, the operating system will display a message box, prompting you to allow the setup to run in elevated mode. After you have clicked [Yes] button, installation will start. While the installation process is running, information about current process is displayed on the screen.

Finish screen
After the installation process has completed, a final screen is displayed with information whether setup completed successfully or not.

After setup completed successfully, the user can click the [Finish] button.

If the computer needs to be restarted, the user can

a) restart the system immediately

b) restart the system manually later.

If you choose to restart the system manually, please be aware that OEE Coach software might not run properly until the computer is restarted.

If setup did not complete successfully, you can click on a [Log file] link, which will open a file that contains detailed information about the setup process and possible problems.

Modifying Repairing Uninstalling OEE Coach software
When trying to uninstall the OEE Coach software, you can choose between three options:

  • Change: this option allows you to add new features, remove existing features from existing OEE Coach installation
  • Repair: this option allows you to repair existing OEE Coach installation.
  • Remove: this options allows you to remove existing OEE Coach installation from the system.

After you have selected the desired action, Setup Wizard will show the same [Processing Installation] screen as shown in the installation wizard. After the action has been completed, a [Finish] screen will be shown on screen.

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