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How to configure VIEW PER COMPUTER

The ‘View per Computer’ setting allows to define which machines, shifts and teams will be visible on a certain computer. This setting determines also the ‘ownership’ of the data.

How does it work

Imagine an operator who works some days at machine B and other days at machine E, each having its own computer. There are 30 machines in the factory that collect OEE data. What does the operator wants to see when working at machine B? Of course all the data belonging to machine B.

The other day, when he is working at machine E, the operator only wants to see machine E. This means, depending on the computer, which is located near a machine, this operator will see a different selection of data. He will not be bothered with data from machines he does not want to see at that moment.

If the operator is operating 2 machines, from 1 computer, he will see- and edit the data for both machines on his computer.

When the operator wants to see or analyze other machines (not edit!), he can choose to show all machines by checking “show all machines” on the main screen. The user will now see all calculations from all machines, shifts and teams.

To add OEE Shiftdata you have to configure PC-rights first since by default, no data will have been assigned to your specific computer.

However, unless he has the right assigned to modify ALL OEE data, he will not be able to edit other data than those assigned to this (his) machine.    

Why use [View per Computer]

There are two reasons to use [View per Computer]

  1. A user working at a machine in the factory, where he is registering OEE on a computer, does not want to be bothered with data about machines, teams or shift currently not in his scope. (By default he sees all machines.)
  2. A user working at a machine in the factory, where he is registering OEE on a computer, does not want to be bothered with data about machines, teams or shift currently not in his scope. (By default he sees all machines.)

So whether data belongs to a certain user/team, is determined by the computer he is/they are working on. The machine is not so much connected to individual people, but to the computer where its data is being registered on. People working on that computer are considered to be the owners of the data registered on that computer.

Therefore, per computer it can be defined which machines, shifts and teams should be displayed. By default, a PC has no data assigned. When a user adds a new calculation (cycle data) , he now only needs to select from the machine(s), shifts and teams that are registered on this computer, the rest is ‘filtered away’.

Switching filter on or off

The operator can only edit data from machines, that are being connected to this computer.

However, if he wants to see data from other machines, or wants to make analyses with/from other machines, he can select [Show all Calculations] on the main screen.

The advantage is that, when the user also works at other machines, he will automatically have access to the right data, depending on the computer he is working on. And when more users operate the same machine, they do not need to login in the computer individually, each time they use the computer.

How to set [View per Computer]

  • Select [SYSTEM] in the main menu
  • Select [USER RIGHTS]
  • On the Tab, xelet [COMPUTERS]
  • In the left-pane find the detected or previously entered computer-names
  • Press [+] to add a new computer or [COPY] to copy the current one (or Enter computer name (if not detected automatically)
  • In the right-pane:
    • Check the Machine(s), Shift(s) and team(s) that should be visible on the selected computer
  • Result: When adding a new shift on the selected computer, only the ticked choices will be selectable

View per Computer occasionally doesn’t work?

This feature assumes a certain PC stand at a certain place near the machine that is being registered.

The windows standard assumes this PC is being identified by a name;

(In Windows, go to : This Computer – properties)

What happens when the name is not a constant

In normal situations this name does not change. However in some configurations where e.g. virtual machines are being used, or software runs on two servers in order to handle fluctuating serverload, this name can change.

In that case OEE Coach sometimes sees the name that was used to set the View per Computer, and the next time he sees another namen; thus hiding the view for that computer.


  1. Configure your server/machines in a way always the same name is being assigned to the PC
  2. Create the same view for both/all the names that can be assigned to the specific PC you want to set the view for.
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