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Defining a ‘MACHINE’


OEE collects data about EQUIPMENT. Since operators usually talk about their ‘machines’, we will use this term from now on to identify the equipment where OEE is measured on.

The first thing to do is defining: What machines are we going to collect data about?

What is ‘a machine’

A machine can be any type of equipment or process that converts something. It can be part of a production line. Also a whole production-line can be seen as ‘a machine’; as long as the in- and output of the machine are clearly defined.
The operator must be able to measure the number of products produced and their quality. In addition, he must be able to track the different types of idling and breakdowns that are occurring during his shift.

How many machines?

You can define as many machines as your software license allows. We recommend to measure those machine you want to focus your continuous improvement activities on.

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