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What is OEE Top?

Definition OEE Top: The OEE Top Value is the OEE based on the Name Plate Capacity of the machine, where the ‘regular’ OEE is based on the Standards of products. This difference affects the Performance rate. Because the NPC is always equal or higher than the Standard, the OEE Top is always equal or lower than the OEE. Also, the OEE Top is the highest possible OEE of the machine.

In the summary part for the data-entry screen, the KPI to calculate can be selected. When switching the NPC selector to [on], the performance rate will be calculated using the Name Plate Capacity (NPC) in stead of the the ‘Standard’ (= theoretical maximum speed of a product on a machine).

If the OEE is calculated using the NPC, this is called the OEE Top.

Why using the OEE Top

The OEE Top shows the loss in production capacity that occurs because not all products are manufactured at the Name Plate Capacity. The OEE Top shows the hidden capacity of the mix of products. The machines’ effectiveness increases if it manufactures products it was designed for. To eliminate this loss, study the possibilities for making the production process more effective e.g. by changing the product mix, by buying another machine with an NPC dedicated to a product mix with a lower/higher Standard.


Let’s assume that you have an extruder that can extrude 500 kg based on its NPC. On a regular basis you produce products that cannot be produced at a rate any faster than 300 kg. The OEE may indicate that these products are produced very effectively when running that machine at 300 kg. But during the same time frame products at 500 kg could have been produced, while the 300 kg products could have been made on a 300 kg extruder!

Use the OEE Top to analyze if the right product mix is produced on the machine or, when the OEE is 100% or at such a high level that big investments are required.

Below the ‘regular’ OEE and the OEE top are calculated using the following example:

A machine an NPC of 100 units per minute, and one of the products produced on this machine has a Standard of 80 units per minute.

OEE based on the ‘standard’

The following outline shows how to calculate the OEE Top if the Name Plate Capacity is used as maximum speed:

OEE calculated with NPC: ‘OEE Top’


The ‘regular’ OEE indicates a performance rate of 89% and an OEE of 70%. When the OEE Top is calculated the performance rate drops to 71% and the OEE to 56%. This decline when using the NPC rather than the Standard production speed, reflects the loss of manufacturing this type of product on this machine.

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