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What is the ‘Quality Rate’

When the machine is producing products, the question ‘Does the machine make good products?’ is linked to the quality rate.

In the ideal situation, no scrap or rework products are produced: the total actual output and the amount of good output are the same.

The quality rate, calculated by dividing the good output with the actual output, is reflects the ratio of good Output produced against 100%. In practice, it turns out that machines do not only produce good products. Usually, the output consists of products that meet the quality criteria and products that do not.

How does it work

The machine may be able to produce different types of product. OEE Coach

Allows you to pre-define them in a master-list so you will only define them ónce, even if they are being produced on multiple different machines.

Besides these good products, you may also produce non-good product.

OEE Coach allows you also to (pre-)define non-good products.

In order to prevent the need to redefine each and every scrap-reason multiple times for each different good product, OEE Coach looks at the combination of a good-product and non-good product.


Bottle 33cl: 100 pcs                          Bottle 50cl: 250 pcs

Under-filled: 10 pcs                          Under-filled: 5 pcs

From its context, the software now knows there where 10 bottles 33cl under-filled and 5 bottles 50cl.

During the shifts, the amount of good and rejected Outputs from a production run will be registered. With this information, the quality losses can be analyzed and be dealt with to improve the quality rate. Furthermore, is not unthinkable that the quality decreases as the speed increases! The gain in performance rate is then negated by the loss of quality. Also this relation can be analyzed with OEE Coach.

How to proceed

  • Make sure you understand the different types of good and non-good output.
  • Then you can start to define and enter these ‘products’
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