FAQ about OEE Coach Software

FAQ about Choosing – Buying – Implementing the OEE Coach

Can OEE COACH be used in our (Process/Batch/Discrete) Industry?

Yes. OEE Coach is designed to visualize ANY loss on ANY type of equipment.

It is not only highly configurable, after 25 years of experience on more than 5000 machines, we have also build in tons of features to cope with specific situations.

Whether you run a cement-mill, a brewery, a packaging line or a press with parallel output: OEE Coach will handle it!

It was our challenge to facilitate all those different situations and still have one generic software that looks and feels the same, all over your machines, departments and plants. Because standardization is one of the fundamental keys in continuous improvement. Practice what you preach!

What makes OEE Coach different from other OEE Software?

1. It’s history

OEE Coach is made by Arno Koch who made the first generic OEE Software ever in 1995. OEE Coach is a complete new redesign and rebuild, based on 25 years experience on more than 5000 machines in all industries all over the world.

2. Our philosophy

The majority of other OEE packages can be distincted in 3 categories:

  • Software that is named to be an OEE software, but actually does not take into account the OEE definitions and requirement by only showing an OEE number and some actual speed- and quality values; however there is no proper analysis possible and no operator involvement required.
  • Software that is written for management only: “We show you how your factory is doing”. Often ‘Command and Control’ tools, using a Top Down approach, not supporting ‘daily management’ features, not to be used by the shopfloor operative.
  • Software trying to visualize losses yet taking an approach that does not lead to continuous improvement. Typically using high-level KPI’s that can hardly be influenced by the shopfloor or even triggers a counterproductive behaviour.

OEE Coach is different. It’s philosophy is fully based on triggering and supporting the behavior needed to support an effective Continuous Improvement process. This is a delicate mechanism that requires a profound knowledge of the transition to a loss-free manufacturing process. OEE Coach contains the practicalities of that knowledge.

3. Its Data Correctness

Precise versus Correct

It is often promoted that having a fully automated data collection, fully excluding the operator, would automatically lead to correct OEE data. (Un)fortunately this is not true. There is an important difference between PRECISE and CORRECT data. Registering a down-time in milliseconds may lead to a very precise registration; but when it is wrongly labeled ‘maintenance’ instead of an actual ‘breakdown’  this would lead to very precise but wrong data.

Built-In Intelligence

When converting and importing external databases, we experience almost standard literally thousands of incorrect registrations.

This is why OEE Coach has built-in intelligence to plausitize, judge and predict the potential correctness of the data it receives; no matter in what form. It gives immediate and useful feedback to the user, teaching him about his mistakes, guiding him what to do, visualizing whether his data is likely to be correct or not.

Supervisor support

It also has mechanisms to support the supervisor to quickly learn about data entry issues and securing correct(ed) data, as well as mechanisms to correct a common mistake that occurred over a longer period of time by batch-updating it to the correct value.

OEE Coach is the only software with such approach on this level.

4. Its Configurability

When selecting your OEE software, we understand how difficult it must be to select the right one. Many may look great, show nice colorful gauges and promise gorgeous bla bla… But what when you discover after all the efforts of training all your users, setting up all kind of technology, that the software can not cope with certain situations? Can not provide some essential information? Is lacking essential data etc.?

OEE Coach is designed to visualize ANY loss on ANY equipment by the shop floor users itselves. To achieve this, it is highly configurable. Whether you have one- or multiple outputs, fixed or variable shifts, different languages, imperial and metric units of measure or different shift schedules, just to mention some of the issues; OEE Coach will cope with it!

5. Its Speed

When analyzing and crunching years of data, most software makes the user wait and wait. OEE Coach, by its design, is extremely fast. Even during very complex analyses over thousands of shifts, the user never experiences long delays. We are annoyed for every waiting time longer than a few seconds…

6. Its ease of implementation

OEE Coach is build to be setup (technically) in just a few minutes by your own IT staff. The configuration to adopt to your specific local situation is done as part of the training of the users and can be done by remote connections; which takes rather hours than days.

Getting the operators to understand the software is a matter of hours since it is designed to very intuitive. And at the start our facilitators can guide the teams remotely to get the registration up and running within days correctly and smooth.

7.  Its excellent support

Changing situations, new questions, enhanced use of the product: there will be often moments you would like to have access to our support. Your local representative will take good care of you. An we will take good care of our people in the field; all of them are in one way or another experts either in OEE, SPC or both.

Our customer portal will give you access to our support team and where needed you can hire our expertise for issues beyond the software alone. This is an important distinction to IT- or sales driven providers.

8. Its future proof Roadmap

The Connected Factory vision

We have a clear and distinct vision what is needed to run an effective operation. Instead of collecting immense amounts of data but not providing the right information, OEE Coach starts with the needed information and collects only the data that is the raw material to this information.

Future Proof

We have seen a lot of ‘OEE software’ come and go again. We know of applications that are barely being developed any more. Or being developed in a questionable direction.

Installing OEE Coach gives access to a vibrant future in manufacturing support- and improvement software: Your investment will be well spent!

9. Its guaranteed ROI

We are not only convinced about the quality and effectiveness of our product, but also about the ability to find an excellent Return On your Investment.

If we -after a correct implementation- are not able to show you where and how to earn back the cost of our software, we will refund it.

As far as we know we are the only supplier to do so.


How do I choose the right OEE Software for us?

Q: I have to compare different OEE Softwares. There is a wide range of suppliers. The software should be very simple. The data collection should be manual, maybe with a bar-code scanner. A significant data evaluation is important. Could you recommend some suppliers?

Arno Koch •    This question was asked more often, however there is not just one answer possible. Let me give you some guidelines that I would use myself:

Proposal comparing OEE software:

After I wrote the first commercial OEE software in the 90’s, many different solutions are being developed;

  • different approaches
  • different purposes
  • different solutions to all kind of issues
  • different ‘tastes’.

The discussions about what software to use, often compare to ‘religious discussions’; few arguments and lots of ‘believes’…

Guidelines choosing OEE software:

Ok, now some key points from my personal checklist when I need to implement software;

  • How long does it take to get it technically running?
  • How long does it take to configure it?
  • Can it cope with the different situations/needs for definitions that I am facing?
  • Does it support the OEE Industry Standard?
  • How friendly is it to the user/operator? (check the need for training)
  • Who’s  solution will it be (is it IT owned, management owned or shopfloor owned)
  • How deep are the possibilities to analyze losses? (Beware of overkill or even non-information, make sure it can provide what you need to improve your process)
  • How are losses visualized, will the user easily understand this?
  • How easy is quickly make reports/presentations?
  • Does it generates the information I need when running a SGA/Kaizen event?
  • What possibilities are there to visualize line/supply-chain issues?
  • Does it also allow efficiency parameters to be monitored?
  • Does it give sufficient feedback to operators (ie in case of errors or when interaction is needed?)
  • How difficult is it to tap into machine signals?
  • Can it be used for manual data-collection?
  • Does it signals obvious data entry mistakes?
  • What is the vision behind the product? Does it match with what I really want to achieve?
  • Will the product be further developed? And how will that look like?
  • Is your spokes-partner knowledgable about manufacturing and continuous improvement? 

There are more points to consider, however those point hopefully lead you to the solutions that would fit your need. Feel free to ask my opinion; I will not sell you our software if that doesn’t fit with youe need because we only want to get positive reviews!
Good Luck, Arno 

What steps are needed during the implementation?

Whether you decide to buy OEE Coach immediately or later: the steps are the same:

  1. Get the software running
  2. Configure it to accommodate your specific situation
  3. Enter some historic data to test and improve settings
  4. Train users and facilitators
  5. Start collecting data
  6. Show first results
  7. Make the financial calculation for your ROI
  8. Be happy!

In case you would not want to proceed, nothing is lost: You learned a lot about your equipment, you have the optimal definitions ready to go and your crew is trained to correctly understand OEE.

See: 8 Steps for a succesful OEE Implementation

How will you support us?

Your OEE Coach distributor speaks your language and knows your local situation. He/She will be your first point of contact. The OEE Coach experts will back-up for more complex- or specific issues.

You will have access to our customer portal.

Here your (designated) users can file questions, requests and issues. Besides, we have the OEE Academy where  dozens of answers to frequently asked questions can be found.

And if you still get no solution, our experts will dive into the matters and get you going. Remember: we want to be able to prove the ROI of this software within a year!

Can we convert from our other OEE Software?

When you are an OEE Toolkit user:

We will convert your data for free; assuming it’s quality is good enough. OEE Coach is designed to validate data and does not accept data that can not be correct. We can correct many errors in batch.

Users that are used to OEE Toolkit will easily make the step to OEE Coach. The base idea and structure are very similar, although OEE coach is far more advanced and has a more modern user experience.

When you use another software

We will investigate the situation and tell you what is possible. Straight forward conversions we will do for free. For complex situations we will make a very reasonable offer.

We will train your users to understand the OEE Coach concept where it is different from your previous application. We are convinced your users will appreciate the advantages of OEE Coach.

How is your licensing set up?

You will purchase one base-license per site, plus a license for each machine to register and analyze.

This machine may have non- or multiple sensors (e.g. one for good output, one for scrap on a metaldetector and one for rework on a checkweigher).

As many PC’s/users as you like (and grant) can access,  analyze and report the data, from a any place you want them (since you love to spread the OEE information!) and you can cluster all your machines in lines, group, departments factories as you like. 

So ‘one machine’ is ‘one OEE’ is ‘one license’.

In this way, your first machine is the most expensive one. After that you just keep adding as needed.

If you have more than 50 machines to register, we provide a site license.

Remember: We want you to earn back this software in less than a year! 

How much does it cost?

May we rephrase the Question? “Can we earn back the cost of this software within a year?”

YES. Even better: We are so convinced of the value of an OEE Coach implementation, that we confidently offer a no hassle guarantee;

If we are not able to show you where and how to earn back the cost of our software within a year, we will give you a full refund of your investment into our software.

(…of course providing you give us the data we need to do the math!)

We practice what we preach: “Deliver MORE value against LOWER cost”.

Since the actual cost of a license depends on several factors, we will be most happy to give you a custom quotation that will surprise you! Most budgets are below a one day’s burning-rate. 

Contact us

Do I need to buy other elements to run this software?

Your license gives you access to everything normally needed.

To run the software you will need to have PC’s or tablets at the machine with an inter/intranet connection available to access the database. You may want to run your own (MS-SQL) database or use ours.

You also may want to use new sensors. We can provide a simple piece of hardware to access any binairy signal to detect output: no intelligence needed. Count for €300,- per machine when needed.

Who do we place our order to?

Normally you will place your order with your contact person that will also support you.

This can be a DataLyzer rep or one of the distributors.

See the list of contact points here


What are the data-entry methods?

Automatic Product detection NO NO NO YES
Automatic downtime stopcode entry NO NO NO YES
Machine connection (i.e. sensor/plc) NO NO YES YES
Automatic production detection NO NO YES YES
Automatic downtime detection NO NO YES YES
Automatic counting number of products NO NO YES YES
Automatic shiftplan integration NO YES YES YES
Automatic tracking of duration NO YES YES YES
Automatic calculation of duration YES YES YES YES

* Running in automatic- or autonomous mode requires a connection to a sensor on the machine. Manual- and Semi-automatic modes can run without a sensor connection, which is preferred in the first period of the implementation in order to get the crew involved in- and aquainted with the data-gathering.

Can you show me more features?

Yes Please!

Here you can find features and gain access to our Features Tour.

But we also give you a warm welcome to one of our personalized demo’s. Book yours here!

Challenge us with your questions!

(How) can it be setup for batch- and process industry?

OEE Coach can be freely configured to accommodate the visualization of any loss on any machine.

This means it can register OEE for machines with discrete-, batch- and process production.

Does Process Equipment require special criteria? 


In semi-automatic mode (no electronic connection to the machine), the operator has to be able to detect whether the machine runs or not (‘does it have output?’) and how much output it has made in the timeframe it was running.


In automated mode, a pulse has to be detected that tells us whether the machine runs or not, and how fast. 

If we can connect to such a pulse (5v), we can directly read it with our standard module. If not, we have to look into the specific situation. Usually there are ways to get this done in a simple yet effective way.


The specific dynamics of this type of equipment may require to set up the loss-structure definitions in  such a way that alle losses will become visible. We will give you our expertise during the implementation.  

OEE Information

Can you recommend some books on OEE?

Find an overview on available OEE books here:

OEE Institute: Books

Where can I find information on OEE Definitions?

The OEE Industry Standard gives solid guidelines and argumentations how to proceed in order to make ALL losses visible.

Is there a FAQ about OEE?

Yes there is! The OEE Institute provides a comprehensive FAQ with the most asked questions in their OEE Academy

More FAQ’s can be found here: Select your topic

Still have a question?

If you have another question regarding the OEE Coach software, ask it here.

More general OEE related questions may be answered in the OEE Academy