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Features of OEE COACH:

Continuous Improvement with a proven Vision

With the right approach, doubling the capacity in your factory might be possible; without capital Investment!

OEE COACH is OEE Software designed to support the shop floor team; to give direction to the improvement efforts and to give relevant answers to those who try to solve structural problems in a structural way.

OEE Coach aims to make factory-life more easy. How?

By identifying- and visualizing ALL losses; because losses cause problems, make tired, cost money…

A Zero Loss production is the most easy-, safe-, reliable- and cost effective production! 

Easy to use by the shopfloor

  • ONE application provides access to data-gathering, processing and analyses
  • Intuitive user-interface: designed for shop floor use
  • Configurable features per system and per user
  • Effective user-access policy per user, PC and role
  • Productivity Software helping the manufacturing team to improve productivity
feature oee coach: easy to use by shoploor team

Easy and meaningful Analyses and Reporting

Data acquisition is of little value, without clever data-crunching. Why?

  • You need the right insights to eliminate ALL the losses that diminish your value-creation process
  • Your team needs answers to any relevant question about occurring losses
  • Your shopfloor team needs to understand the numbers
  • Different angles require different views of the same data
  • Visual presentation -in the right way- is faster and easier to understand

OEE Coach features four types of data-visualization:


features of Charts and Reports in OEE Coach productivity software

Aggregating charts

Bring loads of data back to one chart to give a resume; give insights at a glance.

In-Time charts

How is the development in time; data will be aggregated per shift, per day, per week or per month.

Aggregating reports

Sum- and group loads of data in order to gain more insight in underlying numbers.

In-Time reports

Shuffle data in a way the actual or grouped data allow a more understandable way of presentation.

Flexible and Intelligent

Most Flexible Data Acquisition

Whether you want to collect OEE data manually, using OEE forms, or fully automated using sensors, OEE COACH provides user-friendly solutions and features.

  • Manual data-collection, entering data retrospective
  • Semi-automatic; the system counts time etc.
  • Fully automated, sensors take care of activities and output

Sequential Time registration

Shifts are registered time-based. Start-time and duration of shifts are pre-defined. In this way no time gets ‘lost’ nor can time be registered redundant. Registering, editing, splitting and deleting events: it is easy and flexible, yet the systems keeps monitoring all entered data and will give feedback when something looks not very plausible.

Are your shifts flexible? No problem, OEE COACH can cope with that!

Stable Operation

OEE Software in general will be used in sometimes though environments. And yet it has to remain reliable. Our database design, the way we access the database remotely, the way we keep the data integrity safe; all provides a solid operation. And even if you might get struck by an unexpected event: our content- and technical specialists will provide a solution to keep you going.

Data Validation

Operators, Team-leaders or Administrators can validate large amounts of data (queried or not) to find out instantaneously where to find flaws in the imported or entered data. Structural mistakes, such as maximum speed defined to low, can be adapted automatically, applying queries such as machine, data-range etc. Generating information based on invalid data will be detected in order to prevent erroneous charts etc.

Reliable data

Whether OEE data is gathered (and entered) manually, semi-automatic or fully automated, our experience is that it usually contains a lot of errors. We included several types of provisions to make sure the data is checked and tested for correctness or plausibility whenever possible. Since most of the databases we convert contain malicious data, we also provide mechanisms to clean up such databases.

Up- and running within 24 hrs

With a bit of preparation it is possible to get your OEE registration up and running within 24 Hrs;

  • Software installation
  • Defining OEE parameters
  • Training shopfloor people
  • Start data collection

Can handle any type of manufacturing equipment very flexible.

It was a huge challenge to design a software that would be able to handle virtually any type of equipment.

Whether batch, process or discrete: OEE COACH will take care.

Just to give you a clue of the issues we had to find a solution for:

  • Machines generating several products in parallel
  • Arrays of machines simultaneously generating different products
  • Environments working in metric AND imperial measures
  • Environments where output is determined by several values
  • Environments using different shift models
  • Machines using extreme different cycle-times
  • Machines running un-manned

Service and Implementation

OEE COACH is not an off-the-shelf product you  can buy at any corner. It is also not just software.

Although it is a very powerful tool, it can only be fully utilized when fully understood. Not the software is the heart of its revenues, it is the way it is being used. It’s implantation will be guided by a network of highly experienced improvement teachers and consultants in the field of TPM, Lean and Monozukuri.

You will have your personal coach that will provide the first line helpdesk. These coaches will be supported by the OEE COACH Development Team.

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The Connected Factory

We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

SPC, FMEA, OEE, CMMS, Planning etc. are highly specialized applications. In every field you want the BEST solution. 

With DATALYZER OEE COACH you connect the best OEE, SPC, ERP and CMMS solutions. 

Why choose a weak compromise when you can have the best in any field!

Choose a future proof platform that will grow with your needs!


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