OEE - SPC - TPM Integration

Facts and Figures
for Continuous Improvement

Imagine at the machine

OEE and SPC are the drivers to operate and improve…

OEE visualizes ALL phenomenons that hinder value-creation.

SPC visualizes essential parameters that lead to such deviations:

SPC can predict the phenomenon BEFORE it pops up in the OEE.

With OEE Coach and DataLyzer you gain access to the most important information to grow towards Zero Losses and Zero Emission.

Connected Factory

The Connected Factory

OEE Coach connects the Technical System with the Social System.

And it connects key-systems to improve productivity.

The best SPC software…

DataLyzer Logo

DATALYZER (est. 1979) is the world’s leading party for quality management tools and training.

DataLyzer was the producer of the world’s first SPC software in 1981.

…the best OEE Software…

OEE Coach Logo

OEE COACH is most advanced OEE software.

It is the newest successor of Arno Koch’s OEE Toolkit, the world’s first OEE software from 1995.

…Datalyzer OEE Coach!


DATALYZER OEE COACH is the perfect match from two world’s:

The dreamed toolbox to
World Class Manufacturing.