ROI: Your Return On Investment

What results can you expect?
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Doubling the capacity while reducing the cost…

Is that possible?

A ROI in a couple of months, or even weeks

OEE Coach is a shop floor tool, empowering those people who -day by day- operate the Value Creating Processes. And OEE Coach enables the management to effectively  support the Value Creation Process.

This combination -if correctly implemented- usually generates 10-15% extra output within the first weeks (!)

ROI calculated based on YOUR numbers

Within these first weeks we will make the analysis for- and with you and show you how much there is to gain and how to do so.

Depending your specific cost structure, typically we see revenues of thousands- and even up to hundreds of thousand euros per week.

Clearly, OEE Coach provides a ROI very soon; but even better: these improvements and ROI can be made sustainable, meaning that you keep enjoying the same revenues week after week, year after year….


...And there is more!

Of course, our technology is beautiful… But in the end, it is all about people!

We will train your people, support your Continuous Improvement personnel and get you going whenever you get stuck. 

The daily struggle of the operations management can be minimized, the daily hassle between various departments should disappear when they  learn to speak a common language: the loss of effectiveness. Shop floor  and operations decisions can now be made based upon solid facts and figures. Figures presented by the people who can influence them; long- mid- and short term.

We have the right partners to help you in this process when needed.


Connected Factory

Future Proof

After training your teams, setting up a Daily Management based on Facts, Facts derived from the OEE Coach solution, you want to be assured this software will also solve your requirements in the future.

25 Years evolution 

OEE Coach has been evolved based upon real, live requirements this past 25 years and it will keep evolving: OEE Coach strives to be the core shop floor software:


Our Total Productive Manufacturing Execution System (TPMES) roadmap will keep your factory connected to all relevant operations systems.


No Risk Guaranteed

We are so convinced of the value of an OEE Coach implementation, that we confidently offer a no hassle guarantee;

“If we are not able to show you where and how to earn back the cost of our software within a year, we will give you a full refund on your software.”

(Of course, this is dependent upon that fact that you followed our guidelines for implementation, trained your people and followed up on correct data-acquisition).


Let us calculate your ROI?

Want to know how much potential we see?  Let us do the math!