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Same Vision to a New Level
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OEE Toolkit: From the first OEE Software ever….

27 years ago, in 1995, Arno Koch started to develop a number of tools to make all losses on all machines visible by the production team itself.

Everything went into a box and in 1997 the first generic OEE Software ever in America was released by Norman Bodek’s Productivity Press. ‘OEE Toolkit’ thus entered the source of a lot of Japanese knowledge through the translated books on TPM and lean.

OEE Toolkit became the market standard for OEE Software and was licensed to Fullfact in The Netherlands in 2004. Version 6 and 7 (OEE Blue) appeared soon after.

Datalyzer OEE Coach

…to a new generation of productivity software!

After more than 25 years of ‘OEE Toolkit’ it was time to convert all the experience gained into the ultimate successor: OEE Coach.

Same philosophy: be able to visualize all losses on all machines.
Same approach: The production team is central and reports.
Same goal: The central tool to support all continuous improvement activities with correct and meaningful information.

And all of this now with an unprecedented analysis speed and groundbreaking new capabilities, such as translating a certain OEE into financial or energy values, What-If analyses and support modules that make the life of a production team easier.

 But there is more!

Leverage for continuous improvement

With the joint venture between the original creator of the OEE Toolkit, and the market leader in quality maintenance and management tools Datalyzer, OEE Coach now also offers the best SPC (since 1979), FMEA, gage management and other continuous improvement tools of the highest level.
OEE Coach stands for operational improvement:

  • More capacity
  • Higher flexibility
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher quality
  • Lower costs

… and all that without capital investment.

Conversion and upgrade

For all OEE Toolkit users who appreciate new developments and want to focus on improvement, we offer an easy license upgrade, regardless of their current version. We will also take over your existing maintenance contract. 

We offer a check on the validity of your existing data and a report with all possible input errors from the past. And we can help at any stage of the transition, including training and guidance of operators, teamleads and IT personel.

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